Perconte’s sister

We are Loredana and Maria Paola but in Sciacca everyone calls us Sorelle Perconte!

Welcome to the world of our colorful ceramics!

The ancient art of majolica, inherited and breathed since childhood in the family tradition, finally takes in 2003 a deliberately different life and direction.

Our creations, expertly blended between tradition and innovation, give joy and serenity at any time of the day and in every corner of the house.

Our mission was to restore terracotta to its primary purpose: to contain and enhance food and drink, without forgetting the good taste of the objects to be enjoyed in the kitchen and not only …

The selection of the best materials, strictly non-toxic and lead-free, make their use safe.

The elegance and simplicity of the decorations, the cheerfulness of the colors that reflect the brightness of Sicily and the freshness of its sea, make our objects unique and irresistible.

Each piece is rigorously hand decorated and therefore never the same as another.