Hand craft

The ceramic’s Sciacca created by hand, the production cycle

1. The Glazing with liquid enamel, comes carried out manually to bathe. The enamel used are certified in accordance to the enforced European norm to you in how many non-toxic an suitable products to the alimentary products.

2. La executed Decoration entire by hand, from the sisters Maria Paola, Loredana and Alessandra, represent the moment more artistic than all productive phase. The used colors are non toxic and they do not contain cadmium and lead.

3. The Baking of the Decorated one pieces decorate to you come subordinates to the final baking to highest temperature. The complete fusion of the bisque support with the enamel and the colours, will give to the every pieces one mechanical resistance and one exclusive brilliance, the button-hole of the company. Advised:

– to dry with a cloth pieces well after washing;
– to avoid immediate jolts of temperature;
– not to directly rest the object on the flame;
– to avoid the contact with strongly corrosive substance.

The correct application of the use councils will help the product life in ceramics. The ornament and colour differences are fron considering themselves value and not defect why they are characteristics than assure that every object is decorated entire by hand.